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Any woman who wants to can learn to control her own reproductive life. Why take a pill if you can do this?????

This Birth Control Technique is a skill that can be learned. As a part of a woman's physiology, the BCT uses a natural function of the body. Think about the birth process -- the contractions of the muscles of the uterus births the baby. The BCT uses these same contractions as a birth control technique.

Why use the BCT?
The genius of Mother Nature gives us a way to control our own destiny. We can control our numbers.

Have you ever had a need and something happened? This birth control technique fell into my lap. Totally unexpected. In my wildest dreams I could not even have imagined such an idea. Disbelieving, I went with it. My life changed. Before I experienced this, I would have said impossible. I was always told that we women have no control over what happens. Not True!

My mind expanded. My world became larger. There is a difference between what is and what what we have always assumed. A new story perhaps.

Creativity: willingness to try something new, different, odd, strange, impossible . . .
Intuition: a knowing. gut feeling. an immediate recognition. an ahah !!! direct perception of truth. insight.

One step outside the box. A challenge to the status quo. Conventional wisdom standing on its head.

What women are capable of doing.

Download the book, "WOMAN POWER" (pdf), and become aware of ancient wisdom.

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